Established in 2001

Provides boutique-style interior design and construction services

The United States, Italy, China background


Unique, fresh, elegant and outstanding design style


Work for home spaces, flagship-level commercial spaces and creative office spaces


We help our customers transform ordinary spaces into luxury properties

Improving their business and their life quality

Creating a healthy environment for all residents


We also provide customers with professional construction and decoration services

The company promotes safe construction materials and processes

We insists that the whole project consider environmental protection and the clients health above all



Koofeel Wang


MFA from POLO Technical Milan, Italy

Registered Senior Interior Designer/Registered Interior Architect

Experience: 20 years

Andrew Kruse

Partner / Director, from US

Graduated from University of Pennsylvania & University of Wisconsin, USA

Guest Professor of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology

Experience: 13 years

Lianbin Wang

Project Manager
Registered Associate Constructor
Graduated from Shanghai Engineering Technical University    Experience:15 years

Xiao Bao

Construction Manager  20 years experience